Please take a moment to discover how Hire Horizons has impacted the individual lives and bottom line results of our Candidates and Employers…in their own words:

“As a senior executive, I have had the distinct pleasure of engaging Bernie Nutter and his team at HIRE HORIZONS® in my search for Engineering, Technical Sales, Marketing, and Executive Management personnel. Bernie and his team are exceptionally professional and leverage data, market analytics and their unique ability to analyze talent to provide me with exceptional personnel in all searches that they have conducted for me.

Most recently, HIRE HORIZONS was a key partner in the transformation of both my Senior Leadership team and National Sales Force for a $200M division of a multi-national, global leader. HIRE HORIZONS and I share the same vision that “Great People make great things happen” and they work diligently to provide me with GREAT PEOPLE. As a result of this team that we built with HIRE HORIZONS; we were able to achieve record-setting growth and increased profitability.

HIRE HORIZONS has repeatedly and clearly distinguished themselves as a trusted, value-focused business partner that delivers!”

  • John Flaugher, President and Chief Operating Officer, SUEZ Water Advanced Solutions

“I have known Bernie Nutter for more than 15 years and have experienced his work ethic and attention to detail first hand. Bernie has differentiated and distanced his firm from others by instilling the same values in HIRE HORIZONS. I have utilized HIRE HORIZONS to fill important Technical Sales, Engineering, and Field Service roles throughout the U.S. while working for two different companies in the water industry. HIRE HORIZONS knows this industry very well. All of their candidates were thoroughly vetted and had excellent qualifications for the positions. Bernie’s 25+ years of personal work experience in the Chemical and Water Treatment industry has allowed him to establish a great network of existing relationships making him my “go to guy” when I have a new position to fill. I would highly recommend HIRE HORIZONS to others who need high quality talent.”

  • Joe Tirreno, Executive Vice President, Comtech Industries, Inc.

“Our company is clearly recognized as the market leader in our field, but our success depends on repeat business so we are only as good as the people we put in front of our customers every day….and Hire Horizons understands this. I’ve worked with Bernie Nutter and his team for several years now and as a result of our successes with them, Hire Horizons is my go to recruiter when I need external recruiting help. The Hire Horizons team completely understands our business, they are well grounded in our industry, and they know our company extremely well. As a result they know exactly the kind of people we are looking for and the skills our future employees must possess. Their searches are very thorough and typically we are presented with multiple qualified candidates to interview. I’ve had many positive hiring experiences with Hire Horizons, but one truly stands out as exceptional. I was just about to hire one of their candidates when I received a phone call from Bernie suggesting I hold off hiring that person until I had a chance to interview what he considered “an even better candidate”. As it turned out, we hired the latter candidate and that person has developed into one of my shining sales stars. Bernie and his team are truly committed to customer satisfaction, they are extraordinarily professional, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to acquire the best talent.”

  • Phil Strader, District Manager, Nalco Water – An Ecolab Company

“Mike Pickett helped me get a job that I didn’t think I’d be able to obtain for another 10 years. Like many others he contacted me with a spiel on LinkedIn that I usually look past and delete. The difference between him and the other recruiters was his unique way of finding out what my goals and strengths were and then helping me apply them as a value proposition to corporations looking for top-tier talent. Mike and his colleagues at Hire Horizons have strong relationships with many companies that essentially help speed up the interview process while also providing great insight on the employer. I’m glad I have had the chance to work with Mike and Hire Horizons because they are very passionate about their work and they are very good at it!”

  • Femi Ogundadegbe, Water System Consultant, Utility Service Group

“Michael and I came to know each other first in October 2015. Since that time, I have been deeply impressed with Michael’s professionalism and perfection. His art of motivation, his realistic and strategic approach, were extremely helpful for me. Hire Horizons would be an asset for anyone, especially at a time of a job change when one needs the help the most. His coaching, insight about the employer, and advice throughout the interview process made me feel like I was talking to a close friend. Michael worked very hard, was very disciplined, and was always optimistic about our ultimate success. I was very fortunate having had the opportunity to receive help from Michael and Hire Horizons. I would recommend Hire Horizons to anyone.”

  • Xueping Qiu, Senior R&D Chemist, Cytec-Solvay Group

“I am grateful I had the chance to work with Mike on an opportunity that has changed my life. Mike is not like most recruiters. Mike gets to know you on a professional and personal level to match your job seeking needs. He is very passionate towards one’s success. One of many strong characteristics Mike has is his determination. I lived in a different time zone, where it was three hours behind Mike. Whether it was 6am or 10pm, Mike was there for me to prepare and study for a long and intense interview process. Hire Horizons played a critical role in enabling me to obtain the career I have today for the best global leader in the water treatment industry. Mike is an exceptional individual. I would recommend him and Hire Horizons to anyone seeking a technical career role. They can and will do it! Thanks for changing my life!”

  • Jordan Triantafilidis, Account Engineer, Nalco Water – An Ecolab Company

“Leeanne was an exceptional resource before, during, and after the interviewing process. She was very professional in her vetting process and ensured that I was fully aware of both the pros and cons of the position being filled. She also spent time discussing the personalities of the interviewing parties and what may be key points to focus on. I felt well prepared for the interview and negotiation process. I would highly recommend Hire Horizons as an advocate for both the candidates and the hiring party.”

  • Ron Richards, CPA, CIA, CRMA, Internal Audit Director at University of West Georgia

“Paul has a very unique viewpoint on recruiting because it is honed from having been a successful sales professional prior to recruiting. Paul was able to leverage his many years of industry knowledge combined with his excellent listening skills enabling him to have an outstandingly effective recruiting style. He and the entire team at Hire Horizons were very easy to work with. They clearly understood my needs as a candidate and they were able to very clearly and honestly convey what their client needed with their open opportunity. Paul has been an outstanding asset to me and I would be happy to work with him and Hire Horizons again in any aspect of recruiting.”

  • Nicholas Lucero, US/Canada Sales Manager, IN USA

“Paul leverages his very diverse skillset to help companies find top talent for their needs. He was able to help me strategically find a position with a company that has turned out to be a game changer for my career. I cannot stress enough how easy Paul and Hire Horizons made the entire interview process. They made my future a priority and I am enjoying a great new career because of their assistance.”

  • Chad Barnhill, District Sales Representative, Nalco Water – An Ecolab Company

“It is my pleasure to recommend Bernie Nutter as a highly professional Executive Search Consultant where his #1 priority is seeing that the client’s needs are met. Bernie was successful in helping me attain my current employment, and throughout the entire employment process Bernie was in constant contact with the hiring company and me. He was extremely knowledgeable about the requirements of the job and ensured that my qualifications and experiences matched the position well before introducing me to the company. Bernie coached me through each of the interviews, what each interviewer would be looking for and the appropriate way for me to communicate my experience and skill sets to them. He was extremely helpful in communicating my needs to the company when we began negotiating my employment. Once I was able to obtain the position, Bernie has followed up on a periodic basis, being truly interested in my transition into my new position. I highly recommend Bernie Nutter and Hire Horizons as skilled Executive Search professionals, ones you can trust implicitly in helping you obtain your next career.”

  • Michael Monson, Business Development Director, TAEUS International Corporation