Resume Tips
When you’re writing your resume, it’s absolutely imperative that you present your best image. After all, a resume that’s sloppy, badly formatted, or riddled with grammatical and spelling errors isn’t going to get a second glance by any hiring manager. In fact, it may not get to the hiring manager at all. Don’t sabotage your chances for a great opportunity by making a poor first impression.

Interview Tips
Congratulations! You’ve landed an interview with your dream company, so now it’s time to get ready. There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for your upcoming interview, but these are some of the best to help you succeed.

Social Media Tips
Most people are on social media these days, in one form or another. Because of our society’s tendency to overshare, a lot of employers are putting social media policies in place for their staff. However, the time to tidy up your social media footprint isn’t after you’ve gotten a job offer. Do it before you even start applying for jobs.

Evaluating a Job Offer
If you’ve gotten a job offer, congratulations! However, before you automatically say yes – and that might be your immediate reaction – take some time to think about considering these things while you evaluate the offer. Here are five things to consider when you’re evaluating a job offer…

Cost of Living Calculator
Use this cost of living calculator to determine how far your salary will go in a new city.